Then-Current Minimum Scale Set Forth In The Wga Minimum Basic Agreement

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) is a union that represents the interests of professional authors in radio, film, television and new media. « ladder » means the minimum amount that a WGA signer (a company that commits to the guild`s rules) must pay to a screenwriter. And all studios and most Hollywood production companies are signatories to the WGA. These minimum requirements include what a WGA signatory must pay a screenwriter to purchase a « Spec » script or to choose it as an option or to commission an author to write a script. If you have any questions regarding the application of these provisions or the minimum requirements or categories of minimum requirements that are not included in this schedule, or if you are asking what the date of the basic agreement is, contact the contract division or call (323) 782-4501. Welcome to the world of professional screenwriting for film and television. Through a lot of work and organization, you have a union that can support you. The WGA helps define policies that govern how you get paid, when you get paid, and what you get paid. The Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA) was renegotiated in 2017. This summary provides a simplified overview of the changes made to the new agreement.

« Script fees and salary increases were part of any WGA minimum basic agreement in history, » the committee wrote. « But today more than ever, nothing is self-evident. Members need to understand why these proposals are indispensable. At least. « LIMIT DISCOUNTS TO MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The MBA currently offers discounts on minimum requirements in a number of areas that we deem unjustified. We want to completely remove discounts for new authors and increase the number of weeks of guaranteed work before studios can get minimum discounts for comedy variety writers. The MBA also allows our employers to pay a reduced weekly TV minimum if they guarantee a certain number of weeks of work. However, given that more and more authors are paid only the minimum when they work in « mini-rooms », we need to increase the number of weeks to be guaranteed before a discount is granted. « NEW MINIMUM STREAMING REQUIREMENTS: Some of us who work for streaming services don`t deserve a minimum at all.

For streaming comedies and lower-budget dramas, weekly salaries and script fees are completely negotiable, so we need to reduce budget breaks to ensure non-negotiable minimum requirements for authors. Unlike television, comedy variety shows on streaming services currently have no minimum requirements. .