Wageningen University Internship Contract And Learning Agreement

Note that you remain responsible for the contract and the payment of the rent if the new tenant gives in before signing or is not accepted by the landlord. In cooperation with the Business Economics Group at the University of Wageningen, TIME-MBE offers a limited number of internships in Switzerland and abroad. These internships are reserved for our best students and their numbers may vary from year to year. Since students with non-community passports may face work restrictions and a long delay (up to four months) to obtain full approval of their documents, it is best to inquire in time about the availability and details of these internships. Master Forensic Psychology General Information Course Students in all specialties of the master`s program must devote half of the second year to a research internship. Among our housing contracts are for up to one year, it is advisable to plan your second year of accommodation as soon as possible. We advise you to register as soon as possible at the ROOM student residence platform. Note that they have a long waiting list, so you should sign up before coming to Leiden. You should also ask shortly after your arrival with other agencies, owners and classmates.

Look at the information to find accommodation. Be aware that finding suitable apartments for your second year can take up to six months, so start hunting at home early! In the second report, you think about the internship itself (for example. B organization, company, etc.) and the personal results you have made during the interview with the internship manager. This report is intended to describe your personal development during the internship and your development goals. Before you sign your new contract, make sure you have paid all the rents due up to that date. Note that rental prices and VAT rates may change, your new rental price may not be exactly the same as your old rent. 3 2. Mid-term assessment During the mid-term evaluation, the progress of the work of trainees is discussed. In some cases, adaptations and improvements are proposed in collaboration with the host organization`s internship manager. If necessary, additional meetings can be held to resolve the issues.

3. Oral Presentation and Evaluation Once the internship is over, you should make an oral presentation on your internship for the host organization with the guest advisor present and the WU coordinator.