Subordinated Loan Agreement Traduction

Sometimes a subordinated loan contract does not involve two mortgage lenders. For example, a mortgage lender may agree to subordinate its loan to a lease agreement. In this way, if the mortgage lender closes the security, the lease will survive the enforced execution. It may seem atypical for a first mortgage lender to accept a subordinated loan contract, as this places the first lender in a second position. However, if the guarantees are in trouble and the repayment of the first mortgage is not satisfactory anyway, the first lender could welcome the possibility of a second lender providing additional capital to improve the property, so that both lenders can finally be repaid. The subordinated loan agreement will identify at least three different parties, including the first mortgage lender, the second mortgage lender and the homeowner. The agreement will also identify the guarantees that are the real estate guarantee of mortgages. The first lender assigns its mortgage to the mortgage of the second lender. A subordinated loan contract generally allows homeowners to finance improvements to their property at times when general priority rules would not allow the owner to do so. Many mortgage lenders will not provide mortgages unless they have a first right to guarantee. The subordinated loan contract allows a new lender to accept a first pledge, whereas the lender was not the first in time. There is no legal requirement for a first mortgage lender to accept a subordinated loan contract.

The development of such an agreement is only a matter of negotiation. Do you want to add words, phrases or translations? How can I resume my translations in the vocabulary coach? The rights and interests of real estate are usually limited to timing and priority. The subordinated loan contract allows interest rate holders to change the general rules of priority by allowing a second-tier lender to take precedence over a first lender. Essentially, the subordinate loan contract nullifies the general rules of mortgage priority for a given land. Warning: Words from the vocabulary list are only available from this Internet browser. From the moment this list is copied into your vocabulary coach, it will be available from everywhere. THE PONS online dictionary is free: it`s also available for iOS and Android! In real estate law, it is a matter of clarifying property rights. The general rule is that the first person who has asserted interest or rights in a property has the first interest or right in that property. For example, the first mortgage lender to take a pawn interest in real estate has a higher right to pledge to a second mortgage lender, which also takes a later pawn on the same property.