Merger Agreement Template Uk

(d) If the merger date has not been made by the Board of Directors.m, it may be postponed by ABC to a date on or after the board`s choice. If the merger date has not been made by the merger.m, the merger may be abandoned at the choice of the board of directors of one of the two constituent companies. XYZ`s authorized capital consists of shares in the second cumulative preferred share, Par value – per share not issued and awaiting repayment and (b) ____Aktien common shares, pare rate – per share of which ______Aktien are currently issued, ______Aktien are pending, ______Aktien are held in the XYZ Treasury and _____Aktien are reserved for future issuance under current commitments. XYZ has the power to merge with another company in the corporate law section. and in accordance with the law section, the resulting company, after the presentation and registration of the merger agreement between XYZ and the resulting company, possesses all the powers and properties that were previously owned by XYZ. (7) assume or assume any commitments or liabilities other than short-term commitments or liabilities in ordinary execution and with the exception of expenses and expenses related to the negotiation and closing of the merger, in amounts to be determined after the date of the merger; 3. The first chief executives of the surviving company who mandate and are qualified until the election or appointment of their successors, or who, as stipulated in their statutes, are the senior executives of ABC immediately prior to the date of the merger. 2. After the acceptance and approval of this agreement by the respective shareholders of the constituent limited companies, the facts of this agreement are certified and this agreement is signed, accepted, filed and registered in accordance with the section of general law of state corporations. As a witness, the directors or the majority of them, of each of the constituent companies, duly signed their names under the seal of the corporation of their respective companies, and all this from the day and year that was written first.