Jersey Tax Agreements

These agreements, with the exception of the agreements with the United Kingdom and Guernsey, follow the OECD model. They all limit the double taxation of income and allow the exchange of information on demand. The Crown Dependencies Sign a New Double Taxation Agreement with the United Kingdom was rescued Monday of this week government officials from Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man signed the new agreements that have significantly enhanced and modernized the Crown Dependencies DBA with the UK. These DBAs are in line with the new international tax standards, which are broadly in line with the OECD Standard Tax Convention, and include various erosion and profit-shifting (BEPS) measures. However, in response to growing calls from the OECD and its member governments for greater tax transparency, Jersey has sought to promote a serious international financial centre image and has begun to sign more tax agreements, tax information exchange agreements and other international agreements. For many years, Jersey did not enter into tax agreements for political reasons. Prior to 2010, the only full double taxation agreements of the territory with the United Kingdom and Guernsey were. Guernsey has signed tax information exchange agreements (TIEA) with 60 legal systems and comprehensive double taxation agreements (DBA) with Cyprus, Hong Kong, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritius, Monaco, Qatar, Seychelles, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Taxes paid in these jurisdictions that are not paid on dividends or debt securities are accepted as a credit against the income tax owed by Guernsey. A list of countries that have entered into full double taxation agreements with Jersey The full list of contracts signed by the Jersey government, with links to the full text in PDF format. We can provide current and historical tax rates, comparison tables and country surveys through our specialized tax databases. We have current key summaries and detailed analysis of the tax system in countries around the world on corporate taxation, individual taxation, business and investment. The new DBAs will come into force as soon as both zones have notified the other in writing that the procedures required by their local legislation are complete.