Cooperation Agreement In French

6. The Cooperation Council makes recommendations on the development of cooperation in the areas covered by paragraph 3. In implementing these cooperative actions, special attention will be paid to the redeployment of scientists, engineers, researchers and technicians who have or have worked on the research or manufacture of weapons of mass destruction. Cooperation between educational institutions and between educational institutions and businesses at ministerial level is political dialogue within the Cooperation Council and, on other occasions, by mutual agreement. The parties strengthen and develop cooperation between them, including: 5. Where appropriate, economic cooperation and other forms of cooperation under this agreement can be supported by Community technical assistance, by supporting the Community regulation applicable to technical assistance in independent states, as agreed in the Community`s indicative technical assistance programme for the Republic of Moldova and its coordination and implementation procedures. The contracting parties believe that it is essential for the future prosperity and stability of the former Soviet Union region that the new independent states resulting from the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (hereafter referred to as the « Independent States ») maintain and strengthen cooperation between them in accordance with the principles of the Helsinki Final Act and international law and in a spirit of good neighbourliness and do everything in their power to promote this process. 2. The parties cooperate in the development of the tax system and tax institutions in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

This cooperation includes the exchange of information and experiences in tax matters and the training of staff involved in the formulation and implementation of tax policies. THE Republic of Uzbekistan`s desire to establish close cooperation with the European institutions, the parties, within their respective competences and competences, are broadening and strengthening cooperation in the following areas: 3. The parties exchange relevant information on investment projects in the energy sector, in particular on the production of energy resources and the production of oil pipelines and the construction of pipelines and the construction of oil pipelines and the construction of oil pipelines and the construction of oil pipelines and the construction of oil pipelines and the construction of oil pipelines and the construction of oil and gas pipelines and the construction of oil and gas pipelines energy products. The parties attach particular importance to cooperation in energy sector investments and how they are regulated. They are cooperating to implement the provisions of Title IV and Article 46 on investments in the energy sector as effectively as possible. The measures to be taken under Article 24 do not infringe on the rights or obligations arising from bilateral agreements between the Republic of Moldova and the Member States where these agreements provide for more favourable treatment of nationals of the Republic of Moldova or Member States. The parties include cooperation to prevent illegal activities, such as. B: 1. Taking into account the respective competences and competences of the Community and Member States, cooperation aims to create a favourable climate for domestic and foreign investment, including improved investment protection conditions, capital transfer and exchange of information on investment opportunities.

The parties may, on the basis of mutual agreement, forge other forms of scientific and technological cooperation.