Churches Porvoo Agreement

… All churches in Porvoo are episcopal churches, which means they are under the supervision of the bishops. The conclusion is that the churches recognize that each Church has held an ordained succession of ministry spurted pulpit as part of the continuity of its pastoral life, concentrated in the consecration of bishops and in the experience and witness of the historical vision. There are many visible signs of Porvoo in church life — if you will. But there are many who have never heard of it. As with any ecumenical enterprise, it is a journey in which we hope, over time, to inspire even more and allow our churches to truly grow together in life and mission. We see our approach to a closer community not as an end in itself, but as part of the search for greater unity, as a step towards visible unity than all the churches that are attached to the ecumenical movement seek to manifest. – many dioceses have formed a partnership with a diocese of the other family, which enriched the two churches – pastors of Lutheran churches worked in Anglican churches and vice versa – bishops participated in the inauguration of bishops of other traditions and participated in the laying on of hands – primates met every two years – theological conferences studied common themes – consultations were held on different topics. , including interfaith, diaconal service and human sexuality. – People from different professions within the churches met and exchanged resources and ideas. The National Churches of Northern Europe, which participated in the first steps towards porvoo`s communion, have much in common: their history, their liturgy, their identity foundations and their understanding of the present mission of the Church have great similarities, and they are all episcopal churches, in which the ministry of surveillance, episcopy, has been constant since the Reformation.

Other churches, which have joined in different stages, have shared most of these elements and have greatly enriched the Porvoo community. And the churches undertake to welcome bishops, priests or deacons who are ordained in one of our Churches, in order to serve in this ministry in the receiving Church, without reordination; – by invitation and in accordance with all the rules that may be in effect from time to time. Porvoo`s declaration obliges the churches that signed them to « share a common life » and « pray for and together. » An important way to do this is to pray through the Year for the Porvoo Churches and their dioceses. The Journal of Prayer is a list of the Communion porvoo Dioceses or Church Porvoo Communion is a community of Anglican and Lutheran churches that celebrate their unity as churches and share a common life and sacramental action through the Porvoo Joint Declaration (agreed in 1992). In the joint declaration, the Porvoo Churches agreed on the nature and purpose of the Church, on her faith and teaching, in particular on the apostocality of the whole Church, on the apostolic service within her and on the ministries that are in the service of the Church. Between 1989 and 1992, four plenary sessions of official theological interviews took place between the 12 European churches that drafted the Porvoo Joint Declaration.