Cash Services Agreement

5. GENERAL5.1 You confirm that you are entitled to hire any business entity on whose behalf you use our website to purchase the Services.5.2 This agreement and guidelines represent the entire agreement between you and us regarding services purchased through our website, and removes and removes all previous agreements, promises, insurance, guarantees, insurance and agreements between us, Whether in writing or orally, with respect to this purpose.5.3, you acknowledge that at the time of the conclusion of this agreement, you are not entitled to statements, assurances, insurance or guarantees (whether innocent or negligent) that are not set out in this agreement or in our directives.5.4 You and we accept that none of them are we are not entitled to an innocent or erroneous statement or an error of negligence. based on a statement made in this agreement. « account agreement, » the set of terms and conditions of deposit account agreements, credit account contracts, pricing plans and any other agreement, advertisement and other document issued by the bank governing the customer`s entry or credit relationship with the bank, which may be changed from time to time. (iii) that the customer has complied with all government laws and regulations, including all provisions or directives adopted by the customer when entering into and implementing this agreement, including all provisions or directives relating to e-commerce adopted by the customer, as well as all ACH agreements or related transfers; 12. Overdrafts; I`ll take care of it. The bank may, but is not required to, complete any transaction related to the provision of services, if the funds available in the client`s account are not sufficient to complete the transaction. In the event that the client`s actions result in an overdraft on one of the accounts receivable, including, but not limited to the client`s inability to maintain sufficient balances on one of the accounts receivable, the customer is responsible for the immediate and un noticeable overdraft refund. The Bank has the right, in addition to all other rights and remedies at its disposal, to obtain the outstanding balance of a service-related debt relating to any debt, obligations due to the client by the bank, including, but not limited, any obligation of a pension contract or obligation held at any time by the bank, whether withdrawn or retained during the collection process, or on another account held by the customer on a certificate of deposit issued by the bank or issued by a customer. If one of the customer`s accounts has been stolen, the bank has the right to credit all the client`s accounts and other accounts of assets or deposits held with the bank, and the bank has the right to assert its shares in the guarantees it holds in order to guarantee the bank the customer`s receivables arising from bonds or other debts that mature or exist under this agreement, whether liquidated or liquidated. E-mail: The customer can email the bank.